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Game Thread: Twins @ Yankees, 4/26/18 @ 12:05 PM CT

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 02:14 PM
Welcome to my first dabble into game threads! I would have volunteered to write more game threads this year, but we’ve been busy growing...
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Twins Claim David Hale

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 02:07 PM
The Yankee's DFA'd him when they claimed former prospect A.J. Cole. Hale's only MLB action this year came against the Twins when he struc...
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Article: Twins Catchers Quietly Struggling

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 02:07 PM
The Twins have lost six in a row. The pitching has been generally not very good for the last week. The starters haven’t been able to prov...
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Article: Twins Minor League Report (4/25): Long Ball High...

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 01:45 PM
Today, three of the four Minnesota Twins affiliates took to the field for early games. With just the Cedar Rapids Kernels playing in the...
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Ryan Pressly Appreciation Thread

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 02:07 PM
The bullpen as a whole has been a huge disappointment but how 'bout Ryan Pressly?   The ERA won't stay at 0.00 all year, but there's...
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2017 Twins Prospect Handbook Available Wednesday (at 8 a.m.)

On Wednesday morning at 8 a.m. central, you will be able to order the 2017 Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook ($15.99) in paperback or pdf form ($10.99 and available immediately upon purchase). Cody Christie, Jeremy Nygaard and I are really excited about the book being available, and not only because it has been a busy three month process to complete it. We’re really proud of the book and hope that you’ll enjoy it.
Image courtesy of Linwood Ferguson image of Stephen Gonsalves (Brock Beauchamp worked on the cover)
This year’s Twins Prospect Handbook is comprised of over 130 pages of Twins minor league content. If you can believe it, this is the ninth annual Twins Prospect Handbook.

When the minor league season ended, we handed out our minor league awards. We’ve got some in-depth, get-to-know-’em stories on the Twins Daily Hitter of the Year (Daniel Palka), Starting Pitcher of the Year (Stephen Gonsalves), and Relief Pitcher of the Year (Trevor Hildenberger).

Some Twins Daily contributing writers also contributed to the book. Steve Buhr, Ted Schwerzler and Tom Froemming each wrote an article that was included in the book.

Of course, the proverbial meat and potatoes of the Prospect Handbook… the profiles. This year, we profiled over 160 Minnesota Twins minor leaguers from Rochester to the GCL. If they have prospect status, they’re profiled.

Jeremy took care of the format again this year, and it looks great. He put together the information on each player such as how they were acquired, 2016 stats, when they are Rule 5 eligible and when they can become a minor league free agent.

Cody covered the 2016 Recap, taking a deep dive into the statistics of the players’ seasons. He goes beyond the basic stats.

Finally, background and scouting reports are covered by me, Seth. They come from talking to a lot of people as well as personal observation from Ft. Myers during spring training and Cedar Rapids from May. It’s really a lot of information on each player.

All of that leads to our individual Top 30s. Not to give away too much, but Cody, Jeremy and I all have different #1 Twins prospects heading into the season. It also shows our historic Top 30s. Yes, we don’t mind admitting when we’re wrong, though we prefer to note when we were right.

Back for a second straight year is a fun discussion between the three of us, using all of the information from before (and a crystal ball) to guess who might be the Twins #1 prospect at this time next year.

We also are very excited that this book has many, many more pictures than last year. There aren’t even a handful of players that do not have profile pictures. The articles have images.

Speaking of images, we need to thank Linwood Ferguson who take a lot of pictures of Ft. Myers Miracle games.

It’s a labor of love. Jeremy, Cody and I don’t make much money on this, but we still believe that the Twins minor leaguers deserve recognition for the work they do. That’s been a staple of all nine handbooks and will continue to be going forward.
We certainly want to thank all of you for your support of this project which is the culmination of all of the minor league coverage you get throughout the year here at Twins Daily!

(Note - if you follow Seth, Jeremyand Codyon Twitter, there may be some information available before official release about ordering your paperback copies a little early.)

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Jan 02 2017 07:20 PM
Anyone who even makes the minor leagues is a serious stud, so thank you for recognizing all of them.
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they definitely all deserve to be recognized!

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