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Front Page: 2020 Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook Availa...

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 08:35 PM
The 2020 Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook will be now available.By clicking here, you can order the paperback version of the PDF/E-Book...
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Forget adding SP, let's talk about keeping what we have

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 08:33 PM
Let's stop talking about adding more SP for a moment and recognize what we have and keeping it. There have been various discussions about...
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Front Page: Buzz on Baseball's Worst Scandal in Decades

Other Baseball Today, 08:07 PM
In early November Oakland Athletics pitcher Mike Fiers shocked the baseball world by revealing that his former team had been cheating. Th...
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Donaldson contract discussion - 4/100? 4/110?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 08:33 PM
https://www.mlbtrade...-donaldson.html Hopefully this offer gets accepted as it would be a good way to wrap up the off-season. Big impro...
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Minor forum changes, please read

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 08:53 PM
We’ve received feedback that as TD has expanded its daily content, “Front Page:” threads are stymying community-created content by drowni...
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2020 Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook Available NOW!

The 2020 Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook will be now available.

By clicking here, you can order the paperback version of the PDF/E-Book version at Lulu.com.

In addition, the promo code ONEFIVE will get you 15% off of all print books you order on Lulu.com (promo code is good through Thursday). In this link, you'll see previous Twins Prospect Handbooks are available.


The Evolution of Trevor May

Trevor May has become a force out of the bullpen for our Twins over the last two years. Even as a former top prospect, his development into the player we've seen is incredible given the injuries and change he's overcome. Let's take a dive into May's rise to elite reliever, and what his future may hold.


With Donaldson in the Fold, Can the Twins Afford to Wait Until the Deadline to Trade for Starting Pitching?

The Twins made a franchise-altering move on Tuesday by signing superstar third baseman Josh Donaldson. His addition turns them into a serious World Series contender. Can they afford to wait to add starting pitching?


Is Infield Defense Really That Important for the 2020 Minnesota Twins?

There’s no denying the Infield Outs Above Average (OAA) stat by Baseball Savant painted an ugly picture for the Minnesota Twins. Sliding Miguel Sano to first base and inserting Josh Donaldson into third will certainly help. Regardless of the Donaldson effect, how concerned do we need to be about the defense?


Looking Way Ahead: Who Needs to be Added to the 40-Man Roster... in November

Normally we consider which players will need to be added to the 40 man roster after the season, leading up to the decision becoming official in mid-November. But let’s look ahead to that decision as it may affect decisions throughout the season. Plus, it never hurts to know who is playing for spots on the 40-man roster.


Devil's Advocate: Why the Josh Donaldson Deal Isn't Good for the Twins

Alright, we’ve all had time to be excited about the Minnesota Twins making an impact move and landing MLB Trade Rumors' fifth-best free agent of 2020. Now, it’s time to look at the other side: why isn’t this a good deal for the Twins as they enter their competitive window?


Winter Meltdown Tickets Sold Out!

We're sorry, but the Winter Meltdown is SOLD OUT. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and we'll let you know if any additional tickets become available. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you Saturday.


Garbage Can Whacker Needed For Major League Baseball Team in Houston

Twins Daily's I-Team uncovered a 2017 Craigslist post in the Houston area. We think it speaks for itself. Please credit Twins Daily.


2020 Twins Lineup: Five Things Josh Donaldson Does Better Than Any of His New Teammates

The Minnesota Twins lineup in 2019 was lethal, hitting more home runs than any other team in major league baseball history. Bringing in a guy like Josh Donaldson only makes this offense more terrifying. How should the lineup look in 2020 and what will Donaldson add to this offense?


Buzz on Baseball's Worst Scandal in Decades

In early November Oakland Athletics pitcher Mike Fiers shocked the baseball world by revealing that his former team had been cheating. The Houston Astros electronically stole signs during the 2017 season. Since that day, this scandal has grown to something Pete Rose and Joe Jackson would be afraid of involvement in. Unpacking it all brings forth a plethora of feelings.


The Twins' Great Advantage (That They Aren't Taking Advantage Of)

Fresh off the Josh Donaldson news, it is becoming harder to criticize the Twins front office as they pushed their chips in and took a free agent risk that the franchise has never seen before. For that, they should absolutely be commended. However, there does remain one area where they have been stingy but should look to change their ways.


Countdown Meltdown: Kent Hrbek Joins the Winter Meltdown!

We’re SO excited to announce that this year’s special Twins guest at Twins Daily’s Winter Meltdown will be Kent Hrbek, who needs absolutely no introduction. (But we’ll do one anyways, right after we tell you how…) To buy tickets, make sure you come back to Twins Daily tomorrow morning at 8 AM, or sign up for our event email list, to get a shot at them Thursday night.