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Paul Goldschmit

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:22 PM
  Umm guys, this might be huge.
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Article: Twins Add Gordon, Wade, Arraez To 40-Man Roster

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 09:12 PM
Tuesday night, the Twins announced that they have added infielders Nick Gordon and Luis Arraez and outfielder LaMonte Wade to their 40-ma...
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Article: REPORT: Twins, D-Backs Discussing Paul Goldschmi...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:11 PM
Joe Mauer’s retirement has left a big hole in the Twins infield. However, the team might be looking to make a big splash on the trade mar...
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What does Arizona take for Greinke?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:09 PM
OK, so we know that they have some salary issues. We know we have money to spend (and yes, I'm concerned that the FO may handcuff this te...
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Article: Rundown: Judy From Big Lake, Baldelli-Buxton Mee...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 08:48 PM
The Twins held a Fan Forum for season ticket holders last week and made the audio available on their site. The entire forum lasted more t...
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Believe in Byron Buxton

On August 17th, 2017, Byron Buxton broke his own Statcast record by sprinting around the bases in 13.85 seconds on an inside-the-park homer.

I thought that was fast until I saw how quickly a large contingent of Twins fans somehow turned on the franchise's most vital asset.


Twins Tales Up the Middle

With the Minnesota Twins fully focused on the 2019 Major League Baseball season at this point, their goal currently is to construct the best roster to challenge the reigning AL Central Champion Cleveland Indians. Having a literal boatload of cap space there’s plenty of money to be spent this offseason. Needing to address the infield, specifically up the middle, it’s a tale of two types for Derek Falvey and Thad Levine. Do they love the glove, or not?


Handbook Sampler: How the Twins Opened Their Minds to the Opener

What follows is an excerpt from a feature for the 2019 Offseason Handbook, which you can order here on a name-your-price basis and receive it right away.

Contrary to popular belief, the Minnesota Twins did not create The Opener as a way to make Bert Blyleven and Jack Morris’s heads explode on the air.

No, this unconventional approach was devised for one simple reason: to get 27 outs. More specifically, it was devised to get 27 outs while avoiding all those pesky runs that can happen between recorded outs.


Emptying the Notebook: Happ, Dipoto, Boras and Blueprints

The Twins are reportedly interested in J.A. Happ, which may or not really mean anything at all. We can assume the Twins are interested in a lot of guys, right? Welcome to the offseason!

There are some other rumblings coming out of the GM Meetings, as well as other happenings in the baseball world that are worth turning your attention to. Let’s get to it ...


Clear MVP Candidates in Both Leagues

Major League Baseball and the Baseball Writers Association of America released the top three finalists for their major awards earlier this week. For fans, it can be fun to look at the credentials of the top candidates.

What should be considered when naming the league’s top player? Should it be the player with the highest WAR? How important is defense in the overall equation? Does the player have to be playing on a contending team?

Here’s a look at the finalists and how my ballot would look for the AL and NL MVP.


AFL Report - Week 4: Hitters Breakout

The Salt River Rafters offense exploded in week four of the Arizona Fall League season as they took a commanding lead in the East division standings with two weeks left to play. They went 4-1 in their five games, scoring 12 or more runs three times and combining to outscore their opponents 54-25. Both Twins hitters still playing had a solid week and will look to continue trending upward as the season comes to a close, a starting pitcher picked up his first win, and a reliever made an appearance in the Fall Stars Game on Saturday.


Seth's Preliminary Top 30 Twins Prospect Rankings

The offseason is officially upon us. Baseball America is starting to publish its American League Central Prospect rankings. Soon we will see how the popular site ranks the Top Ten Twins Prospects. Today, I will share some quick thoughts in my preliminary Top 30 Twins Prospects rankings.


Gleeman & The Geek, Ep 397: Shopping For Infielders

John and Aaron talk about big changes to the Twins' coaching staff, Bert Blyleven's reduced role with FSN, and the Twins' options for free agent help at second base and shortstop. You can listen by downloading us from iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio or find it at GleemanAndTheGeek.com. Or just click this link.


Offseason Blueprint: Hey Big Spenders!

As the offseason gets underway, our team at Twins Daily is formulating blueprints that exemplify differing approaches the front office might take this offseason.

Last week Tom presented a trade-heavy changing of course, while Seth envisioned an internally focused rebuild. Today we'll have some fun and draw up a scenario in which the Twins really open up the wallet and push payroll to new (not totally implausible) heights.

Join the fun by downloading your copy of the 2019 Offseason Handbook and creating a blueprint in the forum.


Handbook Sampler: Gleeman on Kepler's Outlook

What follows is an excerpt from a feature for the 2019 Offseason Handbook, which you can order here on a name-your-price basis and receive it right away.

Aaron Gleeman is editor-in-chief at Baseball Prospectus. He is one of the longest-tenured Twins bloggers and a longtime friend of Twins Daily. He recently authored an excellent book called The Big 50: Minnesota Twins, a great holiday gift for any baseball fan in your life.

He also contributed an excellent feature for our new Handbook on Max Kepler, his unusual progression up to this point, and what we should make of him going forward. Taste a sample below.


2018 Twins Highlights: Web Gems

Free agency officially opens today, so it’s time to move forward and put this 2018 Twins Highlights series to bed. We’re going to end on a high note, covering what I believe are the most exciting plays to watch in baseball: Web gems.


Offseason Blueprint: Status Quo

Over the next week or so, Twins Daily writers will be providing several Twins offseason blueprints. These will be a little bit different. They won’t be so much what we would do or the types of decisions that we would personally make. Instead, these blueprints will present to you several options that the Twins front office have likely considered. Over the course of this series of blueprints, you can consider which philosophy you like, you think is realistic, or some combination that just makes sense to you.

The first offseason blueprint came out recently when Tom Froemming envisioned changing course with big trades. Today, I'll look at what an internally-focused rebuild, which conserves future spending flexibility, might look like.

In these blueprints, we will use the Twins Daily Offseason Handbook as the basis for salaries of internal options, free agents or trade candidates. If you have not downloaded your copy, you can do so by clicking here.

And as you read these, start thinking about what your Offseason Blueprint would look. You can create your own Twins Offseason Blueprint here.